cat bonding

15 Sure-Fire Ways to Bond with Your Cat

Cats may disappear for long periods and may even appear snobbish at times. All these habits do not imply that your kitty doesn’t love you.

Key takeaways:

  • Show your kitty that you love her through your voice by singing to her. She won’t care whether you have the talent or not.
  • Kitty loves your touch and will appreciate a neck massage by holding up her head.
  • By head bumping, the cat is leaving her scent on you through oil glands on the front of her ears. Bump her right back.

If you maneuver yourself into the right position, you’ll get a free massage out of this one. This is another sign that Kitty-Face thinks you’re her mom since she’s trying to get milk out of you. It also means she’s happy.

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