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6 Common Mouth Conditions in Dogs

Mouth problems cause bleeding, infection and organ damage and may even cause death. You must be keen to identify and know how to handle mouth problems.

Key takeaways:

  • Foreign objects such as sticks and rawhide stuck in the mouth causes infection and incessant drooling. Make a habit of regularly checking in the mouth for embedded material.
  • Chewing bones, cat scratches, and bee stings may cause oral injuries that should be attended to by a vet.
  • Oral warts on the tongue, lips, and gums — can be caused by the canine oral papillomavirus.
  • Accumulation of food particles and bacteria on gums and teeth may cause gingivitis. Swollen gums and bad breath are signs of gingivitis.

Tumors are yet another reason why dog owners must check their dog’s mouth regularly for signs of trouble. This doesn’t mean, however, that dog owners have to pry their dog’s mouth open to peer inside.

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