8 Pet Conditions that Require Lifelong Treatment

There are numerous chronic diseases commonly seen in dogs and cats that require careful management over their lifetime, including diabetes, kidney failure, heart disease, asthma, atopy, osteoarthritis, dental disease and urolitheasis (bladder stones). Pet care for these conditions include long-term medication, careful diet control or surgery, ensuring your dog or cat is in the best health possible.

1 Conditions such as diabetes and urolitheasis are life-threatening if not managed properly; early and accurate diagnosis is crucial
2  Some conditions such as kidney disease and asthma cannot be cured, but their progression can be slowed and symptoms minimised for optimal health
3  Pet care for chronic conditions such as heart disease and osteoarthritis include special diets and lifelong medication

“While some medical conditions resolve and never come back, pets are prone to a variety of chronic diseases that must be managed rather than cured over the lifetime of the pet.”


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