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A true professional. Deepak has a reputation of being friendly, gentle and understanding dentist. Throughout his career, he has been involved in continuing professional development and enjoys a rewarding and challenging role in training newly qualified dentists and dental therapists in their careers. Dr. Songra enjoys general dentistry and all aspects of cosmetic dentistry, especially in facial aesthetics and teeth whitening. Pet Dentist was founded in 2015 by Dr. Songra and his wife, Dr. SmitaSongra, also a dentist who has specialized in in the field of facial and dental cosmetics for the past 25 years. Pet Dentist is a family-run business with the aim of offering the best dental products available on the market at very reasonable prices!


Pet Dentist Products is an established and respected manufacturer supplying a wide variety of pet dental products to all facets of the pet industry since 2015.
Located in Watford, Hertfordshire, our team assures that products you purchase from us are constructed from the strongest and best quality materials available and are designed to withstand the wear and tear of the most active of pets.

Finding and ordering Pet Dentist products

Our pet dental products are available through Amazon.

Multi-functional, best quality products

At Pet Dentist Dental Products, our goal is to provide you with a product that offers maximum benefits, whether you use it on the road or at home. We incorporate innovation in advanced design and offer attractive and functional products that meet the highest of standards.

Many of our pet dental products have multiple uses. All of our products enhance the dental health and wellbeing of your pet, which provides you with a high level of comfort and knowledge that your pet is well cared for.Find the solution to your pet dental products and supplies needs from the people who really know pet’s dental needs best: Pet Dentist!

Pet Dentist – a quick company overview

Simply putPet Dentist, is an independent, family owned company specialising in the supply of pet dental accessories for dogs, cats and small animals. From our Watford base in Hertfordshire we’ve been developing both functional and luxurious products for discerning pet owners, using our unrivalled experience, passion and knowledge to become the market leader in pet dental products and accessories. Deepak and Smita both Dental Professionals for over 25 years understand the Dental Needs required to maintain a healthy mouth ensuring a long and happy life of your pet!

We take great pride in our reputation for providing exceptional service, quality and reliability, while our ever expanding, talented workforce is wholly committed to delivering our customers exciting new ranges and product advances at every opportunity. We have also established a highly effective distribution network allowing our products to be freely available throughout the UK, Europe, USA and worldwide.

A brief history of Pet Dentist

Pet Dentist was established back in 2015 by Deepak, Smita, Misha andKian Songra, who after identifying a gap in the flourishing pet dental accessories market seized the opportunity to start up a family business. With the support of component suppliers and customers alike the business is growing rapidly. However, during this extended growth period the family were always careful to keep their promise to deliver exceptional service, quality and reliability at all times, a belief that’s rigorously upheld to this very day.
From day one Pet Dentist have consistently invested in the company’s infrastructure and production methods to guarantee exceptional service levels at all times. This unwavering pursuit for excellence continues to this day, with the very latest cutting-edge technology and automatic stock control systems being employed by the business to ensure lead times and stock availability is unrivalled.

Looking to the future

While always finding time to learn from past achievements, Pet Dentist’strue success lies in always looking to the future, primarily the development of exciting and original new products to wow both pets and their pet parent owners. The Key to accomplishing this is the company’s passionate and driven team, who work tirelessly to ensure every customer receives great value goods and exceptional service at all times.
Another example of our ethical business approach is our insistence on visiting all our Far East suppliers to ensure that working conditions are above acceptable and that all our products are manufactured to the high standards that we, and our customers, demand. While cheaper products are available to buy, as a business we would never be prepared to put profit before your pet’s wellbeing.

Pet Dentist is a small family run business with the aim of offering the best dental products available on the market at very reasonable prices!

Our goal is to be your 1 stop pet shop supplying everything you will need for your pet’s dental health.This will take time to achieve but with our exceptional prices, fast delivery and our no questions asked returns policy we hope you will find no better place to shop!