Brush Your Dog’s Teeth Effortlessly by Following A Few Simple Steps

Did you know that according to the reports of the American Veterinary Dental Society, almost 89% of dogs suffer from some kind of dental issue by the time they reach 3 years of age?

That surely is an alarming fact!

If you are a pet parent, you will definitely understand the importance of brushing your dog’s teeth properly.

Most dogs develop periodontal diseases quite early in life that not only hamper their health but also lead to huge veterinarian bills. If brushing your pet’s teeth seems like a terrifying task, let us tell you that it is easier than you think if you can follow a few basic steps.

Regular Brushing

Regularity is quintessential when it comes to brushing your dog’s teeth. If you haven’t started brushing his or her teeth yet, do remember that it is never too late to start. Introduce the idea of brushing to your dog with the help of treats, praise and rewards. Perseverance and patience are the two key factors while brushing your dog’s teeth for the first time.

Getting the Right Toothbrush

This is the first and the most important step to be followed while brushing your dog’s teeth. Selecting the right canine toothbrush could be tricky. While canine toothbrushes are similar to the human versions, the former ones are softer as well as smaller. Using a finger toothbrush is a good option to reach the areas that are difficult to clean with a regular brush. If you cannot find a decent finger toothbrush, you can also use a washcloth and gauze to clean the teeth.

Could My Dog Use My Toothpaste?

Certainly not! This is a common question that veterinarians and pet health experts are often asked because what harm could human toothpaste possibly do? The answer lies in the fact that human toothpaste contains a lot of harmful chemicals like xylitol, fluoride and sodium lauryl sulphate that could prove to be toxic for if your canines ingest it. Humans can spit out toothpaste which canines cannot. This is primarily the reason behind having a different kind of toothpaste for canines.

Canine toothpaste is also different from human toothpaste because of its non-foaming nature. It contains safe ingredients like silica and baking soda that can scrub clean the debris on your pup’s teeth and are absolutely safe at the same time. These toothpastes also contain enzymes like lactoperoxidase and glucose oxidase that help get rid of oral bacteria.

Bacteria often thrive in your canine’s mouth and form plaque and eventually lead to tartar. This could also lead to situations like decaying of teeth and gingivitis. When the toothpaste gets rid of the bacteria then a whole range of dental issues can be effectively prevented while also keeping the insides of your pet’s mouth fresh.

Yet another important thing to consider is the flavour of the toothpaste. Your dog will absolutely detest the whole idea of brushing if the paste does not taste pleasant. There is a wide range of flavours available when it comes to dog toothpaste. Try to avoid pastes that contain baking soda as their primary ingredient because they may seem too salty.

All in all, regular dental hygiene along with regular grooming is of paramount importance for a canine.

Dr. Deepak Songra BDS (WALES)

A true professional. Deepak has a reputation of being friendly, gentle and understanding dentist. Throughout his career, he has been involved in continuing professional development and enjoys a rewarding and challenging role in training newly qualified dentists and dental therapists in their careers. Dr. Songra enjoys general dentistry and all aspects of cosmetic dentistry, especially in facial aesthetics and teeth whitening.

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