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Dental Diets for Better Oral Health

When pet parents have a busy schedule, brushing their dog’s teeth on a daily basis can be a challenge. It is made even more difficult when the pet cannot sit still.

Key takeaways:

  •        By setting your pet on a “dental diet” you can ensure the amount of plaque and tartar is greatly reduced.
  • Choose the foods that have the veterinary oral health council (VOHC) seal since they will be effective in reducing plaque.
  • A dental diet can be included in daily diet since it is nutritionally balanced, but table scraps must be eliminated for the diet to be successful.

Dental diets should not be a main nutritional source for puppies or dogs that have special nutritional or medical needs, but should instead be used to supplement an established diet that is already meeting their specific nutritional requirements.

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Dr. Deepak Songra BDS (WALES)

A true professional. Deepak has a reputation of being friendly, gentle and understanding dentist. Throughout his career, he has been involved in continuing professional development and enjoys a rewarding and challenging role in training newly qualified dentists and dental therapists in their careers. Dr. Songra enjoys general dentistry and all aspects of cosmetic dentistry, especially in facial aesthetics and teeth whitening.

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