How to Handle and Prevent Puppy’s Separation Anxiety

You’re just leaving the house for an hour, but your puppy visibly shows distress. Separation anxiety causes emotional agony and even physical injury. But take heart, as this is a preventable and treatable condition.

Key takeaways:

  • Your puppy is showing signs of separation anxiety if they become distressed and drool, pant and pace around. Other signs are scratched doors and “accidents” in the house.
  • Separation anxiety can be triggered by a change of schedule, change of owners, or a significant move.
  • Desensitization is the best way to approach the problem, and it involves gradual exposure. A certified dog trainer can help.

Before you go away, take your puppy for a brisk walk around the neighborhood or throw her favorite toy around and play fetch. Anxiety takes a lot of energy. If your dog is already tuckered out, she’ll be calmer when you leave.

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