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How to Keep a Cat from Scratching Furniture

Cats will scratch carpets and furniture to sharpen claws and to clean their nails. You can protect your furniture from being damaged since the cat won’t stop scratching.

Key takeaways

– Scratching posts are a good investment and will provide an excellent outlet for the cat’s instinctive scratching.

– You should avail both vertical and horizontal scratching posts for your cat so that they can have places to scratch with all legs.

– Covering the cat’s favorite scratching places with double sided sticky tape will dissuade them from scratching your furniture. Their paws are extremely sensitive.

Declawing, or the amputation of the end of a cat’s toes, is illegal in most cities in the United States and Canada. It is considered to be an act of cruelty and, if the cat goes outdoors, it cannot climb a tree and defend itself.

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