Our mission is to lead in creating value for our customers and growth for our Company through our products, services, technology and relationships, while providing personal and professional growth for our employees.

Pet Dentistoffers our customers quality care, lifestyle enhancement, excellent accessibility and no nonsense value.

We translate the love and passion for pets into highly rewarding, loving and fun experiences.

This reputation for excellence also results from business conduct guided by a core set of values and the belief that how we conduct our business directly affects the operation, efficiency, profitability and reputation of our Company Pet Dentist.

Pet Dentist employees hold tightly to our core values of partnership, integrity and innovation.

How we behave as a team and how we treat our customers and behaviours that we expect from each other.
We will be able to work better as a team and provide the best service we can for our customers, along with constantly looking at ways we can improve upon what we do.

We also hope as a result that it will help people decide if they feel we are the right business for them to place their trust in taking care of their pet’s dental health.