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Dog tyre rope flosser | dog chew toy

Dog tyre rope flosser | dog chew toy

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The Petdentist® dog tyre rope flosser helps support gum and jaw health. This amazing dog chew toys quickly cleans your pet’s teeth, removes plaque and tartar and your pets will love you for it!

The secret is the “gum massaging” action that happens when your dog is having fun chewing and tossing around this chew toy. The resulting gum ‘massage’ helps maintain healthy gum conditions and exercises the jaw - and your pet won’t even realize it.

Plus, when you smear our Petsmile® Professional Pet Toothpaste on the rubber and cotton rope threads and your dog chews it, the toothpaste will spread over their teeth and gums. Watch in amazement as this eliminates your pet’s bad breath, removes stubborn plaque and tartar, and supports dental hygiene practically overnight.

Best of all, you won’t have to worry about high maintenance and expensive dental procedures. With this new Toy Flosser, you can give your dog the gift of dental care without the hassle, all while saving yourself a small fortune in vet bills.

The product also works great to cure boredom and stimulation for aggressive chewers with a bite load of less than 300lbs. This rubber tyre has thick cotton rope threads, offers two distinctive chewing textures, unmatched durability, and never-ending fun. It’s ideal for throwing and retrieving play, fun tug o' war games, dispensing treats and other fun games to entertain your dog. The heavy-duty design and features offer durability, value, and appeal to pet parents everywhere.

Due to high demand and national media exposure, supplies are currently running low. Click the link above to grab your Chew Toys now while they’re still in stock.

* We recommend purchasing 2 toys for each dog in your household, so you always have a backup if one gets lost.


  • Supports Gum Health and Exercises the Jaw
  • Perfect for Interactive Play (Works Great Indoors & Outdoors)
  • Removes plaque and tartar and maintains oral hygiene when tossed around with pet toothpaste
  • Durable, braided rope made with 100% natural cotton which helps pets to stay active and supports weight control
  • Hollow interior to hide dry food, kibble and treats
  • Suitable for dogs with a bite load under 300lbs psi
  • Tested for safety and made of non-toxic materials


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  • Breed Recommendations: All Dog Breeds with a bite load of less than 300lbs
  • External Testing Certification: ISO9001
  • Material Composition: Rubber, Cotton
  • SPECIAL FEATURES: Durable, Easy to use, Easy to clean, Pet Dentist-Approved
  • DIRECTIONS: Have your pet chew and toss the toy under direct supervision. Discard if rubber is torn or cotton rope is frayed or shredded for your pets safety
  • SPECIFIC USES: Chewing & Dental, Weight Loss, Daily Use, Tooth Problems


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