Veterinarians Concerned About Anesthesia-Free Dentistry

Did you know that cats and dogs require teeth cleaning just as humans? Teeth cleaning procedures are mostly carried out by a veterinarian under general anesthesia. But some feel that anesthesia isn’t necessary.

Key takeaways:

  • Veterinarians believe there is too much risk of harm to the pet if general anesthesia is not used for dental cleanings. However, some pet owners ask for anesthesia-free dental cleaning despite the risks.
  • Veterinarians say it is difficult to keep a pet still during the procedure and the pet may end up getting hurt by the dental instruments.
  • The dental procedure scares animals and it is more humane to calm them with anesthesia.

The American Veterinary Medical Association recently stated dental cleanings for pets should be done under anesthesia, but some veterinarians said, for certain pets who can’t handle anesthesia, cleaning without it might be the only option.

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