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Who’s Top Dog When It Comes to ‘Social Intelligence’? Kids or Pets?

Researchers carried out a study to find who was most socially intelligent between a dog and a toddler. The study was designed to make them do different types of thinking tests.

Key takeaways:

– The researchers tested 2 years toddlers, dogs and chimpanzees for social skills and cooperative communication skills.

– Only the dog had comparable social skills to that of the toddler. Dogs that were good at one of the social things tend to be good at lots of other social things just like in kids.

– Human evolution and the domestication of the dog shared some similarities that favored the survival of the ‘friendliest’ with rewards for cooperative social behavior.

There are different kinds of intelligence, and the kind of intelligence that we think is very important to humans is social in nature, and that’s the kind of intelligence that dogs have to an incredible extent.

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