The result for many pets is threefold:

Bacteria builds up in the teeth and gums from their food

Their teeth and gums aren’t cleaned, and bacteria travels down to their gut

From the gut, the Vagus Nerve takes “cues” and sends signals upstream that can impact your pet’s brain health, mood and more.

This might come as a shock, but there is a silver lining to all this.

There’s a breakthrough new way to “target” all 3 of these elements in one shot, without all the hard work, so your pet can be healthy and happy.

You see, my team and I have created a simple solution that directly supports your pet’s gut health, dental health and overall health in just a few seconds per day.

We call it Petdentist® Probiotics. It’s easy to take, pets love it, and it gives them all the probiotics they need in one easy serving.

In Fact, Petdentist® Probiotics Is The
Silver Bullet In Supporting Clean Fresh
Breath, Gum Health, Gut Health, Good
Digestion, and More…

I’ll tell you more about why this new breakthrough could quickly and powerfully support your pet’s life…

But first, let’s talk in more detail about the issues that every single pet parent needs to pay attention to.

You see, recent research reveals that 70% of a pet’s immune system is located within your pet’s digestive system.

Supporting your pet's gastrointestinal health through proper care, including oral hygiene, is essential for their overall well-being and can contribute to a robust immune system

On top of that, as we’ve discussed, when your pet has any plaque buildup, bad breath or poor gum health, it means they have bad “mouth bacteria”.

This mouth bacteria will often travel “downstream” into their gut when they eat.

Once it’s in the gut, it’s very likely that your pet’s digestion, appetite and more will change.

Lastly, because of how closely the gut and brain are connected (we call this the “Gut-Brain axis”), the brain will often “follow suit” from the gut.

In other words, when the gut is having an “off day”, so too will your pet’s mood and brain health.

And if your pet’s gut health is off most days, it’s likely their mood will be too!

If you’ve ever wondered why your pet isn’t as lively and joyful some days (or most days), this may be why.

That’s the bad news.

The good news? Most pet parents can very easily maintain good gut health by simply giving their pets the “perfect” combination of probiotic strains.

Petdentist Probiotics in particular are the great equalizer.

They not only have strains clinically proven to reduce plaque and support gum health.

But they also absorb right into your pet’s gut to help balance good and bad gut bacteria…

Which also helps to support their immune system…

And helps maintain a healthy ‘flow of information’ between your pet’s gut and brain, thereby supporting your pet’s overall health, too!

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But what exactly makes Petdentist® Probiotics different from other conventional probiotics?

17 Powerful Strains of Beneficial Bacteria

As a basic rule, the more strains of Bacteria in your Probiotic-the more beneficial it is. Each strain of bacteria supports the health of your pet in a unique way and helps them take on life’s challenges one step at a time.

Many Probiotics on the market have just 1-2 strains.

Petdentist® Probiotics has 17 optimal strains of beneficial bacteria.

Not only does having this many strains directly support your pet’s gut health, bowels and more…

Nasty bad gut bacteria produce volatile, stinky sulphur compounds that cause bad breath and more. Boosting the good bacteria maintains a healthy balance in the gut.

So, you can enjoy more kisses, cuddles and hugs with your pet, without the usual bad stinky smell!

Pets Love The Powder Formula and It Works Wonders For Their GI Health

Each scoop of Petdentist Probiotics contains an easy-to-serve powder formula chock full of over 73 billion "Good" Bacteria in every serving!

Most Probiotics on the market only have 2-3 million bacteria per scoop at best.

Petdentist® Probiotics on the other hand gives you a potent, powerful formula to support your pet no matter what stresses they are dealing with.

Pet parents all over the country are stocking up on Petdentist® due to its powerful all-around support, and how easy it is for pet’s to consume.

In fact, Petdentist® Probiotics are made in an easy-to-mix powder formula that is 100% natural so it won’t negatively affect your pet…

You can sprinkle it over their food or add to their water bowl in seconds, so it goes down easy with no complaints.

Unmatched Purity and Potency

Petdentist® Probiotics is produced in small batches under strict British manufacturing guidelines.

We use premium, all-natural ingredients, local manufacturing, and a scientific, Dentist-backed approach to pet health.

As a result, Petdentist® is the gold standard for pet probiotics, and thousands of customers can’t get enough of it.

Even better, unlike most typical pet supplement companies, Petdentist® products are made under strict standards set down by the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) …

And the facilities are fully certified with HACCP & ISO9001 protocols.

This ensures its safety, purity and effectiveness, which is vital these days because...

These Days, Most Products Sold Online
(Even on Amazon) Are Made With
Inferior Ingredients or Have Much Lower
Potency That Most Pets Need…

On the contrary, with 17 healthy probiotic strains in every serving, Petdentist® Probiotics will nourish and support your pet’s health like nothing else.

And very few Pet Probiotics are created in high-end facilities like ours, under such strict cleanliness, and purity requirements.

The result: You get 17 powerful strains and 73 billion “good bacteria buddies" ready to help support your pet's dental and digestive tract, whilst maintaining a natural balance of bacteria to these all-important areas of their body.

Best of all, every single bottle of Petdentist® Probiotics includes:

  • 100%
    Natural Ingredients

  • 100%
    Plant Based

  • 100%

  • 100%

So that you can enjoy nature’s most “perfect” pet health supporting formula.

The simple fact is: there may not be ANY other probiotic available today that can nourish and support your pet’s health like this!

And that’s just not us saying this…

It's not a surprise that Petdentist is one of the UK’s top pet health companies with over 5000 supplement bottles sold to date!

And most importantly…

Petdentist® Probiotics Is 100% SAFE
and Extremely Effective...

And unlike cheap, Chinese knock off Probiotics (like the ones you mainly see on Amazon) ...

British Dentists specifically designed, formulated and manufactured Petdentist® Probiotics to support a Healthy Gut, Fresher Breath and Perfect Dental Health right here in the UK.

Giving Pet Parents the confidence in having MORE Hugs, MORE Cuddles and MORE Kisses with their beloved furry friends.

And feeling safe and secure that your pet will get all the great nutrients they need to support their health 24/7…

So you can enjoy many more years with your favourite family member!

And that’s why Petdentist® Probiotics is practically priceless.

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The Secret To Its Hulk-Like Benefits
Is Our Special 17-Strain Combo of Beneficial Bacteria

This type of probiotic technology is simply unheard of, and was only made possible by combining my 3 decades of medical experience with UK’s finest scientists…

To create a powerful all-in-one probiotic that maintains clean fresh breath, supports gut health, and so much more..

With our special blend of 17 of the best, “good for you” bacteria strains available!

Here are just a few of these strain types and why
they are critical for your pet’s health:

Special Strain #1:

Streptococcus Thermophilus - this powerful probiotic strain often found in the colon has many digestive and immunity benefits & helps support oral health and clean breath.

Special Strain #2:

Lactobacillus Reuteri - this multi-functional strain helps maintain canine intestinal health, supports healthy cholesterol levels, and maintains skin and hair health. Plus, it supports all types of oral health, including gum health, plaque formation, and more.

Special Strain #3:

Lactobacillus salivarius - supports digestive health, immunity, and more by helping reduce plaque, supporting tooth health, improving mouth hygiene, and maintaining clean fresh breath – and helping fend off unfriendly bacteria, while promoting the growth of beneficial organisms.

Special Strain #4:

Bifidobacterium Lactis - may support a healthy GI tract including digestion and bowel health, while aiding in the absorption of various vitamins & minerals. It’s also helpful for supporting healthy cholesterol levels, helping maintain blood glucose control and has many dental health and fresh breath benefits.

Special Strain #5:

Lactobacillus Acidophilus - this little-known, but ultra-powerful strain helps to increase nutrient uptake (especially for calcium) so that they can get the most vitamins and minerals from every meal. It also maintains skin and coat conditions.

Special Strain #6:

Bifidobacterium Bifidum - another must-have probiotic strain for every pet. It helps maintain a healthy and balanced gut microbiome in your pet's intestine, helps supporting your pet’s immune responses, and even supports healthy liver function

Special Strain #7:

Lactobacillus Fermentum - another critical strain for every pet, this helps to support the immune response, liver health and even helping keep cholesterol levels healthy. Best of all, it has powerful antioxidant benefits for your pet and increases nutrient bioavailability.

The fact is 99% of other probiotics have just 2-3 strains of probiotics in their probiotics, which means with any other product, your pet is missing out on many must-have nutrients to live their lives to the fullest.

But with every serving of Petdentist®, not only do you get the 7 amazing strains above, but there are TEN more strains that I didn’t even have the space to mention.

So you rest assured your pet will get the absolute best care that’s possible, with 17 beneficial probiotic strains, in one easy daily serving!

And because Petdentist® Probiotics are manufactured and produced in strictly controlled GMP certified facilities…

Each batch is protected from temperature changes, humidity, and harsh environmental conditions - things that deplete probiotic life and effectiveness for 95% of other probiotic brands.

In other words…

The Good Bacteria Inside Petdentist® Probiotics
Are Virtually Guaranteed To Work Every Time
You Need Them

Formulated with 17 carefully selected bacterial strains, our product is designed to support your pet's oral hygiene and contribute to their overall health by focusing on the root of oral care needs, not just temporary solutions

On top of that…

Petdentist® Probiotics is so easy to use…

Because the reality is pet parents are very busy people, so I know your time is very precious…

That’s why Petdentist® Probiotics works by just sprinkling a scoop of this powder formulation into your pet’s food or water bowl…

And as a bonus, each bottle includes a free measuring scoop so it’s easy and simple to use.

  • No Chasing
  • No Fussing
  • No Mess
  • No Choking on Pills
  • Easy to Mix
  • No Need for Refrigeration

And When You Invest In More Than One Bottle of
Petdentist® Probiotics Right Now – You’ll
Save Up To 61% Off The Retail Price…

And get each Petdentist® Probiotic for as low as

Plus, because I want you to make the right decision…
I’ll also cover the cost of shipping and handling - a

However, the discount and the free shipping are for a
limited time…

And only while we still have Petdentist® Probiotics
available in stock.

Simply Click The Button Below Right Now
To See If We Still Have Petdentist® Probiotics
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And if we do, you’ll be taken to a safe and secure checkout page where you’ll enter in your order details…

And within 3-5 business days from now…

You’ll get your Petdentist® Probiotics delivered to your front door.


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Oh, and by the way…

You can make your investment today with complete confidence because…

Petdentist® Probiotics Is Protected By A
60 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee

So, if for any reason at all, you change your mind about this investment…

Just call or email our U.K. based Safety Support Specialists at any time within the next 2 months.

And you will receive a full refund immediately.

No hassles. No surveys. And zero questions asked.

It’s a no-brainer…

Get Petdentist® Probiotics now, test it for 60 Days… and then make your risk-free decision after experiencing its powerful power.

So go ahead and click the button below right now to get started.

I’m urging you like I tell all my patients, please be smart.

Your pet relies on you and only you for their health needs.

So please take this opportunity to purchase one of the best probiotics on the market today…

And help support your pet’s wellness and happiness.

Your pet needs you to take action now on their behalf!

Thank you for reading this important message and I look forward to seeing your order. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Best regards,

BDS (GDC reg.68552)
Founder, Petdentist®

What's the worst thing that can happen? If you're not happy with your pet’s gut health, fresher breath, and more with Petdentist® Probiotics, you get a full money-back refund within 60 days of your order. No questions, no hassles, and no B.S. All the risk is on me.

What's the best-case scenario? Your pet can expect... freshness, wellness and strength... and a happy, healthy pet full of vitality *

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