The threat to your pet’s health is very real...
The threat to your pet’s health is very real...
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 Dr. Deepak Songra. BDS


“A true professional, Deepak has a reputation of being friendly, gentle and understanding dentist with over 25 years’ experience. Throughout his career, he has been involved in continuing professional development and now enjoys a rewarding and challenging role in developing the Petdentist brand globally.


Petdentist® is an established and respected manufacturer supplying a wide variety of pet dental health products of the highest quality.


At Petdentist, our goal is to provide you with a product that offers maximum benefits, whether you use it on the road or at home. We incorporate innovation in advanced design and offer attractive and functional products that meet the highest of quality standards.


Many of our pet dental products have multiple uses. All of our products enhance the dental health of your pet, which provides you with a high level of comfort and knowledge that your pet is well cared for. Find the solution to your pet dental needs from the people who really know best: Petdentist!


Simply put Petdentist, is an independent, family owned company in the supply of pet dental health accessories for dogs, cats, horses and small animals. From our Watford base in Hertfordshire, we provide both functional and luxurious products for discerning pet owners, using our experience, passion and knowledge to become the market leader in pet dental products and accessories market. Deepak with over 25 years of dental experience understands the Dental needs required to maintain a long, happy and healthier life of your pet!


We take great pride in our reputation for providing exceptional service, quality and reliability, while our ever expanding, talented workforce is wholly committed to delivering our customers exciting new ranges and product advances at every opportunity. We have also established a highly effective distribution network for our products to be freely available throughout the UK, Europe, USA, Canada, Mexico, Japan and worldwide.


A brief history of Petdentist


Deepak & Smita decided to set up the business after selling their dental practices after realising a gap in the pet dental health market and seized the opportunity to start up a family business with the help of their children Misha and Kian. Petdentist was established in 2015. It was Deepak’s wish to promote dental health and the importance of good dental care in promoting the happiness and welfare, vitality and longevity of pets after losing his beloved dog of 12 years due to heart disease and a stroke. Research has since produced and established a link between poor gum health and heart disease. Therefore, Deepak began his research and using his vast experience and knowledge as a dentist with over 25 years’ experience he started to produce high quality effective dental care products specifically designed for pets. So, with the support of suppliers and customers alike, the business is now growing rapidly. However, during this extended growth period, the family is always careful to keep their promise to deliver exceptional service, quality and reliability at all times, a belief that is rigorously upheld to this very day.


Looking to the future


While always finding time to learn from Petdentist’s true success lies... in always looking to the future, primarily the development of exciting and original new products to wow both pets and their pet parent owners. The Key to accomplishing this is the company’s passionate and driven team, who work tirelessly to ensure every customer receives great value goods and exceptional service at all times.


Another example of our ethical business approach is our insistence that all our suppliers ensure that working conditions are above acceptable and that all our products are manufactured to the high standards that we, and our customers, demand.


Our goal is to be your ONE stop pet dental supplier supplying everything you will need for your pet’s dental health. This with our exceptional prices, fast delivery and our no questions asked guarantee you will find no better place to shop!




Our mission is to lead in creating value for our customers and growth for our Company through our products, services, technology and relationships while providing personal and professional growth for our employees.


Our customers quality care, lifestyle enhancement, excellent accessibility and no nonsense value.


We translate the love and passion for pets into highly rewarding, loving and fun experiences.


This reputation for excellence also results from business conduct guided by a core set of values and the belief that how we conduct our business directly affects the operation, efficiency, profitability and reputation of our Company


We will tightly adhere to our core values of partnership, integrity and innovation.


How we behave as a team and how we treat our customers and that we expect from each other.


We also hope as a result that it will help people decide if they feel we are the right business for them to place their trust in taking care of their pet’s dental health.


Dr. Deepak Songra BDS, CEO Petdentist”